Partners offer customers an application for better mobility 

Modern and improved mobility thanks to ConnectMy.Car

With their many years of expertise in mobility, innovation and connectivity, Proximus and Touring have jointly developed a completely new product which they are launching today, namely the “ConnectMy.Car” solution. This helps both car drivers and fleet managers to gather and exchange information. Indeed, flexibility and communication are essential for modern and efficient mobility.

How does it work?

ConnectMy.Car, an integrated solution, connects the car with the Internet and offers the flexibility of an open platform and the comfort of valued roadside assistance.

ConnectMy.Car is an integrated system based on a device that is simple to plug in and which collects useful data in real time, such as location data, technical and other information about the vehicle and about driving behavior. Depending on what is needed to deliver the service and according to the consent of the driver, that data is shared via an open yet secure platform with application service providers, proposed by Proximus and Touring to the driver. The solution is a new telematics approach which offers maximum transparency while respecting privacy of the driver.


The collected data is very useful to companies for fleet management purposes and for technical interventions in connection with roadside assistance.

The data that the plug-in device collects can also be used to improve driving behavior, stimulate ecological driving, map out car use and routes, detect technical problems on time and preventively, automatically settle charges for pay-for parking spaces and much more.

In addition, on the basis of a 4G connection, the device generates a Wi-Fi hotspot in the vehicle, thus enabling a fast connection, not just for the driver’s own smartphone but also for several laptops and tablets. In this way the car becomes an office on wheels (if parked) and unnecessary travel can be avoided.

Thanks to the open platform, providers can develop and add applications. The application is not a fixed product: it can be constantly updated and changed, but the driver can always choose whether or not to share his information.


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About Touring

Founded in 1895 by a group of cycle tourists and having grown into the largest mobility organization in Belgium, it defends each individual’s absolute freedom to travel in the manner and with the means of his or her choice. Touring is part of FIA, the International Automobile Federation, the world’s largest mobility organization.


As the first organization in Belgium to provide roadside assistance (1948) and travel assistance (1958) in Belgium and abroad, Touring is among the most experienced players on the Belgian market.  Over the years, Touring has consolidated its market position and evolved into a large organization with more than 1,000,000 members/motorists and 250,000 households with travel assistance cover who can rely on medical, technical and personal assistance on a 24/7 basis, as well as specialized advice on a broad range of mobility matters.

Touring’s International Alarm Center receives an average of 120,000 calls per year from Belgians in trouble abroad and carries out an average of 30,000 medical and technical interventions.   The National Alarm Center processes more than 600,000 calls per year from motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists who have broken down. In Belgium, Touring has approximately 300 vehicles out on the road for breakdown and roadside assistance services.

 About Proximus

Proximus (Euronext Brussels: PROX) is the leading provider of telephony, Internet, television and network-based ICT services in Belgium through its Proximus and Scarlet brands. Proximus’ aim is to deliver the best customer experience and to simplify the customer journey by offering accessible and easy-to-use solutions to the residential, enterprise and public markets. Through advanced, interconnected fixed and mobile networks, Proximus offers its customers access to digital services and data anytime, anyplace. It also offers a wide range of multimedia content. Proximus is active in Luxembourg through its subsidiaries Telindus Luxembourg and Tango, and in the Netherlands through Telindus Netherlands. Its subsidiary BICS offers best-in-class international wholesale solutions for voice and mobile data service providers worldwide. At the end of 2015, Proximus had around 14,000 employees and generated an underlying revenue of EUR 5,994 million.

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