RACE’s CEO, Jorge F. Delgado, appointed Board adviser to the largest independent Russian Roadside Assistance company

The Russian AutoMotoClub (RAMC), roadside assistance company, it is a subsidiary of the largest European roadside assistance and mobility organization, the ARC Europe Group, being RACE a founding member for almost 30 years.

The Board of Directors of RAMC (Russian AutoMotoClub), which is the largest independent roadside assistance company in the Russian Federation, has appointed RACE’s CEO, Jorge F. Delgado as Strategic Board Adviser.

One of the main reasons which led the Russian company to make this decision, was to take advantage of the accumulated experience of RACE, as the first roadside assistance company in Spain, with its more than 10 million partners and customers, in the areas of digital transformation, efficiency generation, as well as strategic business development.

After his appointment, RACE’s CEO has stated that: “This incorporation to the Board of RAMC, is one more example of RACE’s influence in the market of mobility assistance in Europe, equally by the size of our business, as by the leadership in the quality of our service provision, supported by the absolute superiority of our technological proposal”.




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Diana Dumois

Head of Corporate Communication & Public Relations