The first “#ARCLAB Experience” took place on June 29-30 in Berlin Germany, focused on strategic development lines. We gathered field experts of our extensive network, including the participation from our Global partners in Canada, United Stated and Australia, to follow new trends and business models such as start-ups to foster innovation spirit to lead our transformation in our new ecosystems.

ARC Europe Group team was impressed to see that at least 50% of the attendees were newcomers full of entrepreneurial spirit and experts in their fields.  The attendees of the #ARCLAB invested 75% more time in delivering fresh and innovative ideas, about the future Digital Assistance; a total different approach over the previous years.

The #ARCLAB concept goes beyond two days of hard work and strong collaboration within our Network partners, it is about the future of our call centres, the impact of virtual & artificial intelligence, the essence of the forthcoming digital experience of the Drivers.

We witnessed how the diverse teams were building their ideas about the key role of digital platforms, completely transforming the traditional way of doing business. Aligning concepts from roadside assistance up to digital mobility & speed interaction and connection.

“Today, ARC Europe Group is the best provider of roadside assistance to car manufacturers, tomorrow; we are striving for more than that, we are talking about full, flexible & digital mobility to drivers seated on connected car, one day fully autonomous”, mentioned Stefano SARTI, Managing Director of ARC Europe Group.

ARC Europe Group will continue to develop and fund the main & creative projects resulted from the #ARCLAB, which will be a game changer for our network, our business partners and customers.


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