On 20 March 2009, ARC Europe SA and Unicor Finance founded the company RAMK (Russian Auto Moto Club) in Moscow. The initial objective of RAMK was to provide roadside assistance in Russia, B2B as well as B2C. After 10 years of activity, RAMK has developed its business, generating 8.6 million euros of turnover according to the latest estimation (2017).

On 12 February 2018, ARC Europe S.A. purchased 49% of the shares of RAMK (Russia) from Unicor Finance, becoming the unique shareholder of the company. This takeover is itself a continuation of the group’s strengthening. Already fully owning ARC Europe France (ACTA), Poland (Starter24), ARC Europe Hellas in Greece and its insurance brokerage company, ARC Europe Group is now even more powerful with the acquisition of the Russian subsidiary RAMK.

Stefano Sarti, Managing Director of ARC Europe Group states: “It demonstrates our trust in the Russian market growth in the following years, as we believe it would have the potential to be one of the top 5 countries in Europe, in terms of consumer sales. Our investment in RAMK shows to the industry that we are keeping investing to strengthen our leadership in Europe, to better accompany our OEM partners and to lead the digital transformation of our industry.”

We thank Unicor Finance for their 10 years of cooperation. We are proud to celebrate the 10th year from the RAMK incorporation with the full ownership by ARC Europe Group and we are looking forward to working hand in hand.

RAMK Website: https://www.ruamc.ru