On the 6th and 7th of December 2017, ANWB hosted an event in Assen Netherlands, in order to share their learnings and experiences in Electric Vehicles with members of the ARC Europe Group. During the workshop, members of ANWB’s B2B and B2C teams presented the new landscape. Willem Aal, the B2B Director of ANWB, kicked off the discussion, emphasizing the urge of passing through the knowledge in the rapidly evolving Electric Vehicle market. Representatives from various clubs such as ADAC, AA and ÖAMTC attended, more than willing to stimulate the European collaboration on electric solutions.

In a quest towards diminishing the ecological footprint of transportation ecosystems, the number of electric cars will continue to increase, pending advances in battery technology, Electric Vehicle infrastructure, consumer adoption rates and largely influenced by government policies. We also see OEM car manufacturers are prioritizing their investments to embrace the green trend of Electric Vehicles and reduce CO2 emissions globally. ARC Europe Group together with the clubs initiate their active contribution to this evolution.

In addition to this workshop, external parties such as Fastned, NewMotion, and EVnetNL presented their expertise and were a source of qualitative reflexions for future implementation.

ARC Europe Group together with its clubs will continue to develop consumer centric “Electric Vehicle solutions” that will be launched to the European market. In the near future, the group will evaluate opportunities with various partners, closely watching the OEM needs and Electrical Vehicle user experience. ARC Europe Group works side by side with clubs and partners such as CLS Logistics in order to support green drivers on the road, guided by a common enthusiasm.

Stefano Sarti highlighted: “Our group strongly believes in the evolution of the Electric Vehicle market. Thanks to the support from our partners such as CLS Logistics and leading initiatives from active clubs like ANWB, TCB, AA, ADAC we have created global collaboration on the topic. Our target, to embrace the evolution of this industry and to stay at the forefront of the market, creating consumer-centric Electric Vehicle solutions for the Global market.”