Thanks to the heritage of the leading Automobile Clubs in Europe in order to fulfil the Group vision by becoming industry reference in B2B mobility services

The founding Automobile Clubs in Europe – represented by their federation ARC Europe – enter into a new era to lead change from roadside assistance provision towards new mobility ecosystems.

The execution of our Group’s Strategy – designed 2 years ago – aims at enlarging ARC Europe’s traditional scope initially focussed around car ownership to become the leading Group and industry reference for B2B mobility services.

Backed by a solid reputation in the automotive industry where nowadays every 4 new vehicles out of 10 put on the roads is serviced by the ARC Europe Group’s network (mostly composed by leading Automobile Clubs) and the voice of 34 million Automobiles Clubs’ members in Europe; ARC Europe strengthens its reach and acquires all shares of ACTA, the French and STARTER24, the Polish operations, whilst confirming its presence by majority share quota in RAMK, the Russian entity.

ARC Europe’s mission as exposed in the diversification strategy is threefold: to expand the product portfolio from roadside assistance to full mobility, to enlarge the distribution channels for these solutions from automotive car manufacturers to financial institutions and new players and to respond to the rapidly increasing globalisation and connectivity, digitalisation of today’s business needs.

Therefore, the acquisition of ACTA and STARTER 24 and the majority stakes in RAMK are powerful decisions, enabling our Group at improving its agility and bringing real business advantages for local, regional customers and partners when investing and conducting pilot programmes and executing tomorrow’s solutions for our B2B Partners and Automobile Club’s members.

Assorted with the build-up of strong alliances with trusted partners, these acquisitions give ARC Europe Group a new dimension. Increasing massively its strength and effectiveness to design and implement innovative solutions that will make the difference in current rapidly evolving needs.

In order to grow and respond to the digitalisation of the automotive industry, ARC Europe has defined its new mission by acting as one group, powered by the best-in-class automobile clubs and assistance partners and create value to members, shareholders and partners. “It is our intention to generate value, promote excellence and serve future requirements of our current customers and future business lines”, said Stefano Sarti, Managing Director of ARC Europe Group.

As a result, ARC Europe Group outlined its new diversification strategy, where the offering of roadside assistance services will evolve into a multi offer of products and services, opening new distribution channels and expanding local and regional coverage into Global presence by forming new alliances and enhancing the capacity of the company into a fully operational centre. A prestigious car manufacturer stated that: “We are looking forward to continuing to work with ARC Europe. It was good to hear the way ARC is changing in France, Poland & Russia to rise to the challenges of global requirements from OEMs and customers”.

Driven by innovation, the digital era and real time services within the Group’s client portfolio led the creation of the newly formed Group. Stefano Sarti mentioned: “This group integration represents our dedication to our customers, local communities and global presence as we grow our business.”

ARC Europe Group has a strong position in its niche market; 39% market share in Roadside Assistance in Europe. With a number of new operational processes & platforms, the relationship between ARC Europe Group and its new subsidiaries will allow market expansion and new synergistic opportunities.

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